The Gold Ring

A Characterization Exercise

Importance to me: It’s a purity ring that I always wear. Sometimes I forget it’s even there until someone asks if I’m married.

Widower: Taking off our wedding band was admitting that she was gone forever. The eternal golden circle represented our eternal promise to each other that could only be broken by…death. I wasn’t ready to say goodbye.

Pawn Shop Attendant: This simple gold ring was worn by Prince Harry over in England. These nicks, here, happened when he fell off his horse during a polo match. You’re getting a rarity for $1000. A steal.

Space Cadet: Only the best snipers in the galaxy could shoot through the middle of a golden ring in zero gravity. He had to be the best. He would be the best.

Fallen Lord: He fled the castle taking only a simple gold ring to eternally remind him of the family he had lost during the night attack in which he was the lone survivor. As it glinted in the moonlight It would forever be a symbol of his burning hatred for the Castello house.

DetectiveBy the bedside table next to the bloody body was a glass of Champagne. In the bottom of it was sitting a single golden ring. Inside the ring was inscribed “18 KT, 11-28-50, Jonathan I.J.N.” Something told me that this poor blokes engagement had gone terribly wrong.


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