I’m Twenty…Dang it.

Dear Birthday Wisher(s),

As I was splayed out on my bed last night, the song Absolutely (Story of a Girl) by Nine Days blared in my ears and I couldn’t help but smile. It came out exactly in 2000. Exactly when I started to store memories that I would carry into my adult life. The fact that my younger cousins probably wouldn’t have recognized my hand shake obsessed second grade self’s theme song, was a bit concerning.  

Soon I began to sorely regret the huge cup of tea, with extra cream and sugar, I consumed before I crawled in. Since I was possibly going to be up all night I started to think of all the people that made me happy to my core, which made me happy cry into my pillow. They were incredible gifts from God and I was so grateful that he sent to me what I needed and not what I wanted.  God also gave me two jobs! One I get paid for and the other…not so much.

For the past three years I felt as if I had moved forward at an incredible speed. I have made rapid progress when it comes to understanding the world. You should be proud to know that college has taught me two things: I know nothing and I can’t afford life.  

It took me a long while to slip into a fitful sleep, but I did. Only to wake up to Happy Birthday Wishes from you. All of the people I try to pour my life into and who have done the same for me. Thanks for being there for me.


Alexandria Myles




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