A Fable: The Hunger Outside of the City

A hound with a tattered coat and worn down pads limped to the edge of a city. The waste surrounding was sometimes enough to reduce the pangs of hunger for the impoverished hound. He was not the only one who looked for wealth among waste. A destitute mare laid on her side, her hair matted and her coat speckled. A savage coyote sported raven feathers and bird scratches around his muzzle. He lied in wait for another animal to falter, so that he may eat and be full. In fact, all of the animals were feral to a certain extent. Language was virtually nonexistent. They were reduced down to howls, neighs, growls, and screeches. The wall surrounding the city was not perfect, it had small cracks large enough for the hound to see through. There he saw a lazy cat grooming himself in leisure to the point of slothfulness. He saw gluttonous pigs gorging themselves on prime meats. He saw animals bicker over the full extent of each other’s wealth. Enraged by their waste and extravagance, the hound howled into the night, calling all the feral animals lurking for prey to rally against the city. The animals responded with roars and snaps of teeth, but no one came to the hound’s rally. No one dared expose themselves for fear of being eaten by the others.     

The wealth of the rich is their fortified city, but poverty is the ruin of the poor.Proverbs 10:15

 bw city


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