A Fable: Ruler of Darkness

An illegitimate King rose to power by devious means. On the third year of his reign the King sought to make a spectacle out of the former ruler for his own amusement. So the King told his Magic Makers to build him a peculiar wall. A wall that would cause the Former Ruler torment by blocking his path for all eternity. Even though the Magic Makers were appalled by his request they did as he asked. To form it they captured the inky blackness of the night. Then they cast several images of battle, death, and betrayal on it. Lastly they caused the wall to shriek and wail in fright as if it was terrified of its own monstrosity. The King became fearful of the wall but he was ultimately pleased with the Magic Makers creation.

The Former Ruler was brought out of the dungeons and placed in front of the wall. But to the Kings dismay the former ruler did not cower or plead.

“What do you see?” Asked the King.

“Nothing” answered the Dethroned Ruler.

“Do you not see a terrible wall with images of demons, hateful beings, and sorrow? Do you not hear the screeches from hell? Do you not feel the darkness calling to you?” Asked the King.

“No my Lord,” he answered.

Furious, the King went to his magic makers.

“What have you done?” he asked.

They replied, “It is unlawful for us to use magic for personal gain. You and you alone were given the desires of your heart.”

The King was forced to live out all of his days with his request until madness consumed him. In his madness, he scoops out his eyes from their sockets, but even that could not cure him. For he saw the wall in his dream and in his wake. The wall’s darkness consumed his every thought. Out of desperation he wanders the kingdom until he reaches the highest elevation. And there, he jumps.

“But the way of the wicked is like deep darkness; they do not know what makes them stumble”.Proverbs 4:19



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