A Fable: The Three Puppets

Three puppets rehearse for a show, yet the third has no strings.

When the rehearsal is finished the first and second puppet lay limp in disuse while the third stands proud and upright.

“How do you not have strings?” asks the first puppet.

The puppet without strings says, “ Look up and tell me what you see”

The second puppet points to his four strings and says, “I see Greed, Gluttony ,Lust, and Slothfulness.”

The first puppet looks up at his three strings and reports to the free puppet what he sees, “ I see Pride, Wrath, and Envy.

“Cut your strings brothers and follow me. You do not have to perform any longer” he implores them.

“Well of course we have to perform” says the First puppet.

“We are useless until the show starts” says the second puppet.

Frustrated, the free puppet walks off  of the stage and is never again seen by the puppets controlled by strings.

As time passes and the show has long since ended the puppets swell with water damage, their gay hats lose their sparkle, and their brightly painted smiles chip forming grimaces of slavery.

“The evil deeds of the wicked ensnare them; the cords of their sins hold them fast.”- Proverbs 5:22


2 thoughts on “A Fable: The Three Puppets

  1. Hello W15, Please know that I know that you are a great, creative writer. Please, do not be insulted by my following question. Did you create the 3 Puppets tale? I love your writing, but this one made me curious. Two more items: 1. God bless you 2. Good day

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